It all starts with Jalada, an ocean of possibilities. It commences with whisper, root-energy of the label, carefully and wisely performed by each of the four tracks part of this record. 

Daniel[i] starts in medias res, with muffled sounds that seem to embrace everything, like mist surrounding a pond whose colors are reverberating all around. Jalada paints with sound the shades of spring, engaging in a beautiful dance with Mother Nature, exploring with attentive eyes, and ends with a delicate coda that leaves the listener hungry for more.

Jalada’s first treatment is by Wa Wu We. We move to the outer world, still being anchored to a natural environment: meditative, collective dance. Dense soundscapes, immersive pads, frequencies in constant motion, techno filled with  lifeblood. Happily walking in nature, the listener is invited to look around. 

The wind blows constantly, shaping melodies, expanding textures, bringing darkness at times, light altering the surroundings at others. However, nothing can change the direction and determination of this joyful stroll.

Feral steps in for the second rework, where his signature touch sets the scene at night. Little bells like stars lighting up create a multidimensional, shamanic atmosphere. Fascinating as the night itself, this version is both primed for the dancefloor and reminiscent of a ritual in nature, where space and time have no meaning. Haunting yet earthbound: the song of Syrens for nocturnal beings.

The last treatment brings magic in: slower whispering, a diaphanous atmosphere, watery sounds forging an enchanted universe. Illuvia is the rain bringing the listener back to that misty pond, dripping sweat framing a candid smile after a night of dancing. Solo collection of all thoughts, somehow needed for a beginning that was a journey already. Percussive elements in the background suggest a sort of uneasiness. Eventually nothing bad happens, dissolving into a blissful end that maybe is just another beginning.

_ Format : digital and 12" vinyl.

_ Label : whispering signals

_ Catalogue : WHS01

_ Original work produced, written and mixed by Daniel Danieli.

_ Revisited and mixed by Sebastian Mullaert, Alessandro Barchitta and Ludvig Cimbrelius.

_ Visual art by Patrick Stenull.

_ Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio in Rome.

_ Pressed at RandMuzik in Leipzig.

_ Listeners guide written by Stefania Trinchero.

©2020 WHS


Released by 27 February 2020
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