A1. AWB & BLNDR - Golden Gate

A2. Clotur & DJ Saint Pierre - Absorption

B1. Temudo & VIL - Extremely Remote

B2. Keikari & Casual Treatment - Dead sea

Bonus Digital. Clotur & DJ Saint Pierre - Absorption (Hardly Reshape)


Artwork by Suha Chaouachi

Mastered by Tema Mastering


We are proud to announce the release of a new record featuring collaborations with various artists, from mental driving techno to big room techno.

In this new serie of various , we finally reveal the true story behind the label which is inspired by the fascinating Indonesian culture .

The mask is the representative image of this culture 👹

The real name of Warok is coming from a traditional Indonesian ceremony "Reog Ponorogo", in which they tell the story of a mythical battle between the King of Ponorogo, and the magical lion-like creature called Singa Barong.

Released by 13 December 2019


Warok was launched at the beginning of 2016, by Eyth, Osse and Clotur in Tunisia, to provide the scene with a new taste of contemporary electronic exploration, as well as creating a virgin platfor...

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Various Artists Ponorogo 1 [WRKV002]

by Casual Treatment, Keikari, VIL, Temudo, DJ Saint Pierre, Clotur, BLNDR, AWB

AWB & BLNDR - Golden Gate
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