Greetings, Virescence Records presents its next release in digital format, a work curated by Mod.1 incl Pvrv. remix.

When we speak of a polar vortex we refer to a large area of low pressure that forms close to the poles of the Earth. Normally, this polar vortex is more prevalent at the north pole. This area of low pressure contains intense cold air that makes temperatures drop dramatically.

For this new work, the Spanish artist Mod.1 presents us with a musical exhibition, which can easily make us feel that cold sensation in the body when listening to the incredible sound nuance embodied in his EP for virescence records, and to complement this great proposal a remix of the House artist Pvrv. we end up getting into that incredible panorama presented in our reference VR009.

Produced & mixed by Mod.1

Incl Pvrv. remix

Mastered by J. David Lucio S. at G89 Records studio, Santiago de Chile

Format: digital

Cover: Valentina Lema.

photo: Juan Pulgarin.

Release date: September 30th, 2021

Virescence Records 2021

© All rights reserved

Released by 30 September 2021
Artists (2)



Vortice Polar

by Pvrv., Mod.1

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