Virescence Explorations - Chapter 6

by Yóhan

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"Musical is an instrument more powerful than any other because rhythm and harmony find their way into the deepest part of the soul." Platon.

Yóhan is an underground DJ/producer based in Seoul. He pursues making music by turning rough, industrial, non-musical noisy sounds into silky and sophisticated moods.

He believes that there is musical energy in all the sounds around us. He thinks we all feel some kind of beauty, feelings and some memories also. He always tries to express the emotion of the modern times.


PWCCA - Magnetic Field

Elemnt - Water #4

F & E - Introduction

Forest on Stasis - Shaman Theme

blusher - Tourist

s.soo - Res Cogitans

98 Stereomono - Ninehead - 8

98 Stereomono - Pork- Rock

Rrose - The End of Weather

Doltzs - Takankaku

Yóhan - Inverted Breathe (Unreleased)

s.soo - TEN.shadoW

Erasure Silence - Ataraxia 3

Claudio PRC - RE7

Yóhan - Inner Line (Unreleased)

Chlmess- Yangbaijain

s.soo - 25471344A

Yóhan - Unseen Waves (Unreleased)

Yóhan - Bidirectional (Unreleased)

CA2+ - Death of mocrotuning in Bohemia

Puce Mary - In Your Shadow

Nmperign/Jason Lescalleet - Imaginary Friends

Go Hiyama - Breath

Hyein - Your Dreams My Nightmare


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