Greetings, Virescence Records presents its next release in physical (Vinyl) and digital formats, a work curate by Martyn Päsch incl. Sheol & Traversable Message Remixes, who made two beautiful pieces for this release.

Can you imagine what your life would be like without music? For most of us, living without all those wonderful songs and compositions is simply unimaginable. In fact for almost all of us music is a central element of life. Just like a good soundtrack accompanies a wonderful movie, music accompanies you throughout your life.

'Music is the territory where nothing harms us.'

Andrés Calamaro

Produced & mixed by: Martyn Päsch

remixes by: Sheol & Traversable Message

Mastered by: Tomás González at Medellin, Colombia

Format: Vinyl & digital

Cover: Valentina Lema

photo: Juan Pulgarin.

Release date: October 11st, 2022

Virescence Records 2022

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Released by 11 October 2022
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