Greetings, Virescence Records presents its next release in physical (CD) and digital formats. a year since our birth, and what better way to represent it than with this great album, evoking natural and futuristic sounds.

Music has all kinds of effects on human beings: it makes us happy, saddens us, activates us, makes us dance, excites us ... It has accompanied human beings since their early days, when we learned to use sounds and songs to communicate with each other. us or with the superior forces that governed our lives and has evolved as society did.

'Sin música la vida sería un error'. Friedrich Nietzsche.

Produced & mixed by Various Artists

Mastered by J. David Lucio S. at G89 Records studio, Santiago de Chile and Martin Goodwin at MSG mastering, Paris

Format: CD & digital

Cover: Valentina Lema

photo: Juan Pulgarin.

Release date: September 28th, 2020

Virescence Records 2020

© All rights reserved

Released by 29 September 2020
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by Adhémar, Traversable Message, TVS, Adaptive Nature, Abstracture, Pvrv., Martin Goodwin, Geoastra, Empirical Distress

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