Virescence Explorations - Chapter 7

by TVS

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Electronic music has been conceived in many ways and within various times, contexts, and possibilities. This has resulted in it not having a univocal definition, instead appearing under a heterogeneous, multiple function, constituted as a consequence of crossing so many lines that have been given throughout history. (…ica-electronica)

TVS is a musical project born in 2018 to create an interaction between traditional instruments and electronic music, through live performances and compositions of Ambient Music, Experimental & Dark Ambient Music.

TVS is a Flutist, Composer and Performer.

After a classical music education, she started to work with contemporary music, interaction with electronic music, instrumental improvisation, creation of sound environments for literary readings, soundtracks and projects involving interaction between various disciplines of art.

Her music combines experimental, atmospheric and synthetic sounds in a Dark Ambient sonority with touches of Deep Techno.

She has released tracks on The Gods Planet, Secuencias Temporales, No Way Records, Oslated.


Rrose - Hymn To Moisture

Atypikal - Equals

How To Levitate - A New Frequency

Earthen Sea - Sun Shadows

Elle - Oggi Non Saprei

Farazdeck - Talking Clouds

Traversable Message - Unfading (Martin Goodwin Remix)

Andrea Cossu - Chimerism

Cyspe - Tracing

Dorisburg - Venom

Blazej Malinowski - Entity

Asllan - Fear

Dusty Kid - Cowboys (Andrea Cossu Remix)

Andrea Ferlin - Unreleased

Donato Dozzy - Aquatica

Martyn Päsch - Udaipur ( Aquiver Remix)

Nahualism - Mantra

Laertes - Pulse One

Empirical Distress - Galdr

Eafhm - Efimero (Max Figueroa Remix)

Stigr - Uncut

TVS - S13

!Esc - Theta

Svart1 - Monòtono 1

Ocram Orchestra - Thunderstorm In Venlo





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