Van Morph

Van Morph is a restless spirit that has been around since the early 90's as a clubber but also as a listener. In the mid 90's his love for electronic music brought him close to the desire to learn the art of DJing. With this initiation, he officially began his journey in the field of the music industry with many recorded participations in various illegal and official parties. His participation in many of the groups of Athens (GR) Nightlife was decisive. He has shared the decks with many well-known DJs. In 2007 he made his first attempt at music production and since then he has never stopped. An anxious spirit that does not stop anywhere. He is co-owner of the record Label Khoros Records continues to this day to share his musical concerns since music for him is a way of life, a choice that has determined to this day his course so far. With over 100 recordings and participation in many collections in many wellknown labels such as Sound of Vortex, KVLTO Records, Obseqvivm Records, Focus Records to name a few, it continues to keep us informed of its development. His style changes and reshapes from time to time and that does not make him boring.

His music is characterized by dancing bass lines and psychedelic accompaniments while other times his dub mood with various percussions and melodies show the other side of him.