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by Seiichiro Itoyama

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Seiichiro Itoyama is a producer from Japan, currently based in Berlin.

Initially diving into electronic music production as a means of personal meditation, this has become the foundation of his process - a disciplined focus on inducing an utterly present and hypnotic state of mind through sound.


Rrose - White-Drip

S.e.r.e.s. - Existence

Enkō - Ofuwa

Notzing - Self Awareness and Presence

Tecture - Limbo- Singularity

Notzing - Disruption

Tecture - Gammy Rays

Body Unknown - Lack Of Skin

Danny Isola - To Excel ft. Alina

Oscar Mulero - Texture (Shlømo remix)

Ribé - Trying To Unpatch

Dykkon - Few Variations (Original Mix)

Anthony Tring - Grey

Acronym - Purity

Notzing - Stream Of Consciousness

Neel - Renio

Mika Vainio - Leslie (Leslie)

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