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Unknown Timeline in addition to UTRD.002 release, presents the 60 minutes podcast by our friend and Artist: Random Sequence


Mikołaj Topolski also known as Random Sequence [@random_sequence_music] is a Gdańsk based producer and DJ. Tracks and DJ sets of Random Sequence consist of a large dose of techno and a pinch of ambient music. He is a part of Gdańsk based collective called Nocturn. He released several EP’s in labels such as Induxtriall Records and Gain Records so far. In near future Random Sequence will play in clubs such as Sfinks700 (Sopot) and Protokultura (Gdańsk). He has been connected with electronic music from an early age, which often translates into the tracks, that he plays. Random Sequence often works with Marboc. The EP’s that they’ve created can be heard on labels such as DRVMS LTD. and Frequenza Records.


1. Craig Armstrong - Ruthless Gravity

2. Viels - Servi Tacent

3. Geistform - Tunel Cuantico

4. Altinbas – Flows

5. Amotik – Nau

6. Moddullar - Raptor (Takaaki Itoh Remix)

7. Keikari – Raak

8. Altinbas – Lonosphere

9. Geistform – Energia

10. Moteka – Apogee

11. The Horrors - Ghost (Cleric Remix)

12. Random Sequence – Mazut

13. Arnaud Le Texier - Abell 3565

14. Random Sequence - Noble Cause

15. D.Dan - Covert Operation

16. Temudo – Context

17. VII Circle – Arise

18. Remco Beekwilder - Queensbridge Murderer

19. Sarah Davachi - For Voice

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