Unknown Movements podcast 07 - Eomac

by Eomac

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I’ve been an @Eomac fan for a long time and Ian has been a huge supporter of our label’s output this year, so it’s an absolute pleasure and honour to welcome him onto the Unknown Movements podcast.

With his creative output spanning so many genres across his many collaborative projects — Lakker, Lena Andersson, and noeverything to name just a few — as well of course as his own monickers Eomac, EeOo, and OMIC, not to mention his role as label owner of Eotrax and resident DJ at Dublin Digital Radio, it’ll come as no surprise that Ian has curated a truly eclectic hour of music for us well beyond the realms of techno. Thank you, Ian!

Eomac on SoundCloud: @eomac

Eomac on Instagram: instagram.com/eomac_official/

Eomac on twitter: twitter.com/eomac


Shaw & Grossfeldt - Klavier [Drone]

Biri - Beneath the Skin [Counterchange Recordings]

Two Shell – Touchpad [Mainframe Audio]

Sault - Don't Shoot [Forever Living Originals]

Phelimuncasi - GQOM Venus Cemetary [Nyege Nyege Tapes]

Ren G - I Eat Boys [Club Eat]

Baby T - Acid Science [CPU]

Dexorcist – Centurion [Ecstasy Garage Disco]

Sister Zo - No Hesitation [Club Eat]

Pessimist - Love in the Jungle [Illian Tape]

Debby Friday - Stay Up [Self-released]

Missy Elliott - Lick Shots [Elektra]

Hudson Mohawke – System [Warp]

Hudson Mohawke – 100HM [Warp]

Enyang Ha – Diver [Ameniia Records]

Troy – Y.B. [ÆX]

Eomac - Drip, Splash, Bubble & Flow [Impxins]

AG Cook – Xxoplex [PC Music]

Max Dahlhaus – E.P.E. [Hyperboloid Records]

Atom TM – R3V [Raster]

Mana - Dormi Bene [Hyperdub]

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