Unknown Movements podcast 02 - Rowka

by Rowka

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For the second episode of the Unknown Movements podcast, we’re proud to present an hour-long mix of industrial techno from Manchester’s Rowka (@user-experience-label, @tarorecords), which includes tracks from a forthcoming 2020 release on Unknown Movements and an unreleased cut from @thetrain.

— Rowka on SoundCloud: @rowka-2

— Rowka on Bandcamp: rowka.bandcamp.com

— Rowka on Facebook: facebook.com/rowkauk1

— Rowka on Instagram: instagram.com/rowka_uk

— Rowka on Twitter: twitter.com/RowkaUK

Full tracklist:

@oyhopper - Delocalized [Oyhopper]

@thetrain - Unknown [UNRELEASED]

@rowka-2 - Hunt [forthcoming Unknown Movements]

@cleric × @kmyle - Vostrax [Clergy]

@ternesc - Tasser [Ternesc]

@ritzi-lee - Something Behind the smoke [MORD]

@syrettemusic - Do not harm humans (Rowka remix) [Taro]

@vsk_crs - Sliding curve [Metempsychosis]

@rowka-2 - Scarper [UNRELEASED]

@flaminia_elohk & @thetrain - Soba [Metempsychosis]

@iokastinektarios - Saved by the bell [DREC]

@rowka-2 - Scansion [UNRELEASED]

@ekorsmusic - Balsam [User Experience]

Slug - You Know [Stroberload]

@moerbeck - Brain Hack (Joe Farr remix) [Code is law]

@aert-techno - Obliterated Homicide (Ike Dusk remix) [Märked]

@septonly - Suicide Generation [Voxnox]

@kaylah88 - vision is clear (Rowka remix) [Helrad]

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