About the artist: Key Clef

Key Clef is a Berlin based, italian DJ and producer with strong passion for analogue instruments, founder of the label Ipnotica Erotica. In 2013 she released her first digital EP followed by releases on Love Blast, KKY, MinimalRome, BlackWater, DelirioRec, Mitten and Undersound Rec.

In her own world, music is a continuous dialogue between styles and hybridization. Her music productions as well her live performances reflecting her ethereal trajectory while her DJ sets show the full prism of her music taste and knowledge of the dance floor. Key Clef sound doesn’t hit the surface but instead aims to channel emotions and contact between her music and the audience.


Live Recording by Key Clef

Video Editing by Antololka

Music Mastering by Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Mastering

Graphic Design by Philipp Wassermann

A collaboration between:

DOTS Gallery & 11001 Records

Valentin Ginies, Pit Ruge & Martin Ruge

Released by 17 November 2021
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Teufelsberg Domecast #7 Key Clef

by Key Clef

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