About the artists : The Alchemical Theory

The Alchemical Theory project was born in 2018 from the creative union of three italian producers. The identity of the project has been very influenced by the favorite sounds of the three artists, ranging from modular electronic sounds to much more atmospheric sounds. This project also comes from the love of mysticism, alchemy and nature. In each release they want to represent something that affects the listener's mind, reproducing a real mental journey.


Live Recording by The Alchemical Theory

Video Editing by Antololka

Music Mastering by The Alchemical Theory

Graphic Design by Philipp Wassermann

A collaboration between:

DOTS Gallery & 11001 Records

Valentin Ginies, Pit Ruge & Martin Ruge


Welcome to Teufelsberg Domecast, a sound installation podcast/release series with ambient experimental live performances using the dome at the top of Teufelsberg as a natural parabolic reverb.

Our mission is to gather hand picked artists with a deep interest for music experimentation in their distinctive musical background. We look for artists who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of frequencies and putting the dome to the test of sound.

Support the artists involved:

This is an artist to artist project and with our Bandcamp & Formaviva we support the artists involve. 50% of the revenue of the release goes directly to the artist and 50% goes towards hosting and recording more Domecast sessions.

Released by 27 October 2021

Teufelsberg Domecast #4 The Alchemical Theory

by The Alchemical Theory

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