About the artists: LF58

LF58 is a project founded by Giuseppe Tillieci AKA Neel and Filippo Scorcucchi. The duo is fascinated by possibilities offer by electronic music, focusing specially on experimental and ambient music. Continuous research leads them to increasingly boundless and mystical sonic territories. The possibilities offered by modular synthesizer, push them to build their own synths, to find the perfect combination between soul and machine.

Live Recording by LF58 (Giuseppe Tillieci & Filippo Scorcucchi)

Music Mastering by Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Mastering

Video Editing by Antololka

A collaboration between:

DOTS Gallery & 11001 Records

Valentin Ginies, Pit Ruge & Martin Ruge


Support the artists involved:

This is an artist to artist project and with our Bandcamp & Formaviva we support the artists involved. 50% of the revenue of the release goes directly to the artist and 50% goes towards hosting and recording more Domecast sessions. 

Released by 09 February 2022
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Teufelsberg Domecast #11 LF58

by LF58

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