"Serenace return to Subsist with a second album named Slow Light, a mix of electronic and techno manufactured by this emerging duo from the US. It includes a collaboration with a new artist named Turn Two."


- Dj Pete: brilliant experimental techno

- Oscar Mulero : Support! Beautiful work.thx!

- Rob Hall: sounding great

- Artik : Wow, i love this , amazing work 10/10 one of the best albums i hear!! congratulations

- Mode L - Thx man! I love track " Too Late".

- Electric Indigo: Thank you so much for this! I’m listening on SC now, it sounds fantastic and I just love the kind of beats!! Best

- Liss C. - Tope release

- Isolated Lines: Very cool! thanks for sending

- Alederaan: Interesting stuff, really well produced.

- I/Y: amazing work!!!

- Cyd: Stuff that i really enjoyed is - Drums in Chief Okeeffe ,- Synths and drums in Nighvision ,- Concept in Rave Winter and Magnolia ,In overall, that is what Subsist is about in my opinion.This is fresh, interesting and even awkward album, this is not... more


released September 7, 2018

Mastered by JMG

Released by 07 September 2018

SUBSIST.77D - Slow Light

by Serenace, Serenace & Turn two

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