"It is an album based on science fiction techno, in order to make known the different sound nuances that compose and identify me.

A personal journey with the intent to share what I feel and imagine through music." (FU-5)

Review at Slince and Sound:

From Argentina comes Trough My Window, by the artist FU-5, an album tinted to its darkest depths, of disturbed science fiction and dancefloor deviances, full of metallic pulsations and industrial effluents.

A Dantesque opus in terms of its duration and the number of tracks presented, 27 in total, Through My Window is a journey into the meanders of anticipation, where experimental scratches and binary kicks mutually shake the space and the neurons imprisoned within it.

FU-5 doesn't do things by halves, constantly seeking to flirt with the edges of steep cliffs, throwing ankylosed bodies into sound flames with anxiety-provoking movements, trapped in cabins emptied of their oxygen. A strange and unclassifiable work, Through My Window is a concentrate of genres trapped in the crossroads of time, stricken with chronic schizophrenia and chaotic compulsivity. A visceral album that takes to the guts.(Text by Roland Torres)

" Sound Expression Against World Pressure "

Released by 16 March 2018
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SUBSIST.72D Through my Window

by FU-5

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