After his epic album 'Nobody Climbs These Stairs Without Expecting Something Disturbing', Roebin delivers another six track EP full of depth and enticing techno.

The ep called 'Contraction EP' starts off with a deep and slowly thumping tune. 'Mekonium' can count as deep intro or resting point in a lot of dj sets. The track comes to a twitchy climax before altering background percussion send us way towards the end.

'Fairy Tale' might well be the most extravagant track on this EP with its sharp strings that evolve into a frenzy.

Offbeat technolovers will certainly name 'Cut Yourself/Releases Pressure' as their pick on this release because of the sheer power and energy emitted by it.

The title track of this 'Contraction EP' is a 14 minutes long broody trip full of long strecthed background sweeps. A track where you can hear new details with every listen.

This brings us to 'Plunge' a harsh, industrial sounding offbeat techno track that sends pure dark energy onto any dancefloor that carries a soundsystem worth that name.

Finally, 'Birds at Dawn' is a quirky breakbeatish track wit nice evolving twinkling bells and chirps in the background. A lovely closer for a terrific and solid EP.

Released by 01 November 2012

SUBSIST​.​12D - Contraction EP by Roebin de Freitas

by Roebin de Freitas

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