Labrynth records boss michaelangelo has become synonymous with a style of techno that is complex and refined, seemingly pushing every sound to its limits. 'The Thaumaturgist' is no exception to this philosophy. Deep and low sub frequencies and fierce twisted percussion seem close to breaking point, providing energy and tension at every turn.

Exium provide their own take on 'The Thaumaturgist' original here with a strong remix. Twisting and processing elements of the original and dropping a killer synth riff into the mix, creating a solid dancefloor track. Less dark than the original but no less effective.

Elektrabel has been around for some time, producing punishing loop based techno for the Axis 6277 and Pohjola imprints. The track '022' is a highly refined and visceral piece of techno soul. Quality music from a talented producer.

Ukraine techno producer Stanislav Tolkachev has been causing a stir in the underground for a while now with his uncompromising experimental aesthetic. After appearing on Sub001 he returns to Subsist with the track 'Back to my Self'. A hypnotic offbeat looped groove bristling with crackling noise and abstract reverberation.

Released by 09 February 2010
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SUB-02 - Back to my Self

by Michaelangelo, Exium, Stanislav Tolkachev, Elektrabel

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