Bambi OFS is Cédric Dambrain (1979), composer, electronic musician and virtual instruments designer based in Brussels, Belgium. Dambrain’s approach to music is motivated by an exploration of perception thresholds, psychoacoustics, and the physiological impact of sound.

This diversity of themes is matched by his wide range of production styles, which include electroacoustic computer music, compositions for ensembles, noise, sound installations and, more recently, club-oriented polyrythmic explorations.

Dambrain has also been composing extensively for performance artists and music theatre.Spanning four tracks of intricate and ever-shifting rythmic progressions, Bambi OFS’ debut EP YAKKA frames a tense and glittering ethnofictional world, combining kaleidoscopic percussive textures with a precisely economical aesthetic.

Extending on Cédric’s exploration of as a unified phenomenon in his sound installations and noise projects, the record artwork features a photography shot by ethnomusicologist Judith Becker during a Bebuten ceremony in Bali: the picture evokes her inquiry in the trance phenomenon, in which she demonstrates that our ability to enjoy trance and its healing virtues is inversely proportional to our sense of separatedness from the rest of the world.

Meshing together numerous influences, and reflecting on the self/other dichotomy, YAKKA is a playful invitation to reconsider our identification processes.

12″ vinyl in a limited edition of 200. Co-released by Subsist records and B.F.E.

Mastered at Plataforma Continental

Released by 01 October 2020
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SUB​-​08 - YAKKA


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