The A-side is assigned to the techno veteran Mike Parker, known for his signature sound on Geophone. In this release, he showcases two timeless, versatile and masterly crafted tracks.

"Trailing particles" presents a solid, well-defined narration with a futuristic, sligthly hallucinogenic synthesis. The reverberation of the analogue synths is precisely crafted, and it gives a spatially evolving character to the track.

"Trireme” features an obscure, alienating, pervasive and shiver-inducing synthesis action, which has a consistent and energetic sonic impact on mind and body.

The B-side includes two original tracks from the brand new Italian project R²π, born from the holistic fusion of, Prg/M and Ruhig.

"Persona" is a rarefied tale with an intricate scenery, cleverly modeled to give a sophisticated spatial awereness. Bleeps, metallic synths and intricate percussions are put together with a massive bassline for a complete sonic experience.

"Stato Intermedio" takes place with a terrain-to-transcendent voyage. Dark, alarming soundscapes are blended with vibrating and occasionally mind-blasting metallic sounds. Additional bleeps give continuity to the experience proposed in "Persona", offering regularity to the structure of the track, and allowing to dose precisely the mutating action of the synths across the time axis.

Released by 17 December 2018
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Embodiment Of The Will EP

by r²π, Mike Parker

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