Already known for his wide musical background and experience as LaChriz, he has recently launched a label project called Shaw Cuts, conceptually conceived as a tribute to kung-fu and samurai culture, releasing techno music on vinyl.

"Wave Ya Plans" starts the EP with a broken-beat groove filled by dreamy pads. The shimmering hats make this track a versatile floor burner suitable for any Moment of the night.

"Block In Front" follows in the tracklist with the same coherent key features and vibe: the drum parts are Excellently modeled and equalized to offer a big dancefloor impact while keeping a special vintage feeling. With a ground-breaking kickdrum, sharp energetic hihats and mystical melodies, this track will hardly disappoint.

On the flip side, Johannes Volk reinterprets "Block In Front". His raw and hypnotic techno signature sound can be promptly recognized on his remix, which can be defined as a conceptual but mighty and powerful peak-time track.

"Rincon" closes the package with a bass-driven shiny melancholic voyage capable to amaze, stimulate and seduce the mind. The EP will be available as a vinyl only release, on a strictly limited pressing.

Released by 10 March 2016
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5020 EP

by Farron

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