Subosc Ltd is glad to announce a new vinyl release. Guido Camino, aka Mental Resonance, presents four original cuts under his Forest on Stasys identity.

“Astral Projection” presents a cosmonautical voyage with a strong progression that constantly builds up. The rarefied atmosphere included in the track, features an emblematic ritualism that is interlaced with natural waves and layers.

“Expedition” follows a photonic pumping approach, featuring non-trivial and sparse drum patterns. The functional approach entails complex hallucinogenic stimulations.

On the flip side, “Lumina” proposes an explorative story with sparking elements that resonate and overlap with the different melodic layers, producing a pleasing hypnotic effect.

“Talisman” closes the package with a decompressive, magical journey, that carries the listener into an imaginative dream-like dimension made of natural landscapes.

The EP will be available as a vinyl only release, on a strictly limited pressing.

Released by 09 December 2019

Expedition EP

by Forest On Stasys

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Forest On Stasys - Expedition EP
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