After the Devotion trilogy, that kicked-off the label catalogue in 2017, Sublunar cofounder Sciahri is back on his own imprint with a brand new EP.

Following the recently released EP "Demur" on MANHIGH, the record label by Henning Baer, Metamorphosis is a focal point into Sciahri's musical journey, always searching for the perfect equilibrium between spacious, immersive sounds and complex structural dynamics.

The record opens with “Heedless", a heavily syncopated rhythm constantly fighting with a claustrophobic atmosphere that reveals the artist ability to create highly texturized techno landscapes. With the title track "Metamorphosis" we dive deep into the producer dreamy atmosphere surrounded by collapsing rhythms and fluttery stepping beats, showing his deepest and abstract side. The B side starts with "Ira", a track that encapsulates Sciahri's signature sound with his powerful charge of dense and mazy techno supported by an inevitable feral energy force. "Evaporation" is responsible for the conclusion, the track perfectly plays his role with a heavy emotional content and melancholic implications without hiding his real nature.

Released by 13 July 2018
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by Sciahri

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