After a stunning debut on Sublunar last year with the "Meta", Refracted is back on the label run by Sciahri and Dagdrom with "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted", a new EP of four mind-bending techno tracks.

Shuffle Transmit opens the EP and immediately start to build the tension giving to each sonic detail a distinctive personality while converging into a powerful impact.

Polar Creatures express solidity with razor shaped textures and keeping a propulsive attitude during his continuous development. Deviant, the most introspective track of the 12", bounces between vibrant pads and an immersive sense of depth, everything feels weightless.

Drone Ship, last track of the EP, builds it's flow on a polyrhythmic hypnosis created between thick drums and a nervous rash of offbeat bleeps.

Released by 13 May 2019

Sublunar Records

Sublunar is a record label founded in 2017 by Sciahri and Dagdrom.

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Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

by Refracted

Refracted - Shuffle Transmit
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