Sublunar Records, the label run by Sciahri and Dagdrom, starts 2019 with his tenth re- lease.

'Corpora' is a new trilogy project whose elements will see the light throughout the year.

Part I involves Nuel, known for his collaboration with Donato Dozzy on the Aquaplano project and author of for two genre defining album on Further Records.

His contribution 'Intarsia' is a polyrhythmic mixture of ascending synth spirals where every element is tuned for maximum clarity and impact.

Then Sam KDC, an integral part of ASC's cutting edge Auxiliary label and regular on Geoff Presha's Samurai and Samurai Horo, comes in with 'Skirmish', a ritualistic experience where a memorable melodic figure is surrounded by delicate drum patterns. On the B side co-founder Sciahri releases all the tension with 'Linfa', pushing his signature sound into heavy atmospheric disturbances where distorted grooves bounce among skittering bits of percussion.

Released by 08 April 2019
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C O R P O R A Part I

by Nuel, Sam KDC, Sciahri

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