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Our 10th podcast welcomes the founders of the Weimar based collective Metaware. Next to organising and promoting parties in Weimar, Metaware is a network for the local flinta artists in the music and visual world. They're organisers of the “Sweets’n Beats” safe space event program that books artists only from marginalised communities and they host a feminist reading circle in the local Café Spunk. As DJs, the residents host their own radio show Metaspace.

The duo has also sit down with us for our German language discussion series Technostilleben. For this podcast, they've delivered a high intensity mix only from female artists and artists from the flinta community. Enjoy!





Ariel Zetina - Compact Mirrors At The Bottom Of The Sea

Erika Remix / Alpha 606 - We Leave Tonight

PEACH - Silky


Gera Akate - Mukti

EM + STAV - Orbit Groove

Xyla - Feel

Karima F Remix / Bella Boo - Can’t Leave You Like This

Octo Octa - God is Calling

Shanti Celeste & Hodge - Alula

Karen Name KG - Feeling Funky / Quest?onmarc Remix

Ivy Barkakati feat. Furios Frank - Ahora Sí

Honey Dijon - La Femme Fantastique feat. Josh Caffe

Karima F - Ossa

Roza Terenzi & Saoirse - Sxc Saloon

Kim Ann Foxman Remix - Keep On Climbin’ / Psychedelic Research Lab

Vivian Koch - Find Your Way

Maruwa - Freeze

Bamz - Flexy

Pillow Queen - Byron’s Theme

Karima F Remix / Carmen Villain - Type

Anz - Helps Your Two Hips Move

Perel & WhoMadeWho - Der Abend Birgt Keine Ruh

Logic 1000 - Precision

Octo Octa - Find Your Way Home

Anz - Gary Mission

Tenesha The Wordsmith - Thirst Trap

Mastered by @max-delius

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