Berlin’s own Non Reversible makes a welcome return to Soma with his latest release, the Mental Absorbing EP. Non Reversible’s commitment to the harder and darker sides of techno once again shine through on this uncompromising 4 track EP.

Fearless Approach is a perfect of example of Non Reversible’s relentless sound design as thumping kicks drive across a backbone of distortion and propulsive percussion before breaking into buzzing synths and screeching pads. Mental Absorbing keeps up the momentum as the Berlin based produced once again challenges you to stay strong against his dynamic and resolute techno; with wild and twisted acid basslines warping against siren like synths. Deviance leans on a more industrial tip with much more prominent distortion in the sound design but doesn’t lack in direct and solid flow as this is definitely a heads down, dance floor based weapon. Biological Efficiency closes out the EP with much of the same ferocity found throughout the rest of the release. A seriously dark and dirty affair, this is certainly no ordinary closing track as aggression levels are dialled up to 11.

Released by 22 October 2021
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Mental Absorbing EP

by Non Reversible

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