Catarsi was born from silence. A creative void that generates an array of frequencies ready to be discovered by the listener. Spontaneous live creations emerged, flowing effortlessly, both on the dance floor and in a quiet listening environment.

Formant Value creative techniques are based on spontaneity, mixing analog drums machines with airy soundscapes to express the feelings of the instant.

Label’s head Shaded Explorer adds his touch to the release, reinterpreting Catarsi II, with a psychedelic Remix and a more organic and introspective Re-dream version.

Catarsi will be mostly enjoyed with a quiet mind, doing nothing except than listening or dancing.


released November 16, 2020

W&P by Formant Value

Mastered by Emanuele Pertoldi @ Organic Audio

Photo by Michele Brusini

Released by 16 November 2020


by Formant Value, Shaded Explorer

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Formant Value - Catarsi
Includes digital download.
Limited cassette in handmade recycled cardboard cover, 21 copies.
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