November 19,2020
Formaviva November Selection 2020

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Track of the Month

Biocym - Diaphanous (Circular Limited)

Spherical, supreme deepness from Biocym, whose clear love for crisp, high fidelity sound design (think Future Sound of London updated) lends itself extremely well to pounding, submerged techno in the case of ‘Diaphanous’, found on his latest Circular Limited EP.

November Selection

Formant Value - Catarsi I (Shaded Explorations)

Absolutely lush and essential broken-beat, future-IDM ambience from Formant Value, by way of Italian label Shaded Explorations. A spontaneous live creation, there’s a breathy, exuberant sense of space and a prototypal abstract melody at its glowing core.

Ekserd - Hidden Document II (Svreca Remix) (Semantica)

Decade 2010-2020 features 20 remixes crafted by the hand of label curator Svreca, reinterpreting tracks from Mike Parker, Silent Servant, Cassegrain, TM404 and many more. This woozy, minimalist rework of ‘Hidden Document II’ sums up Svreca’s modus operandi - a sublime elongated imprint on the senses - sparse, moody and killer!

natural/electronic.system - Pegaso (Midgar)

Curious, bass-heavy minimalism and forward thinking electronic experiments from the Tikita label ambassadors Italian duo natural/electronic.system. ‘Pegaso’ is an agile, edgy piece constructed from dancing percussion sequences and microtonal melodic hypnotics.

Daniel[i] - Ileus Subtraction (Whispering Signals)

Whispering Signals curator Daniel[i] provides the fourth installment in his ‘Howlongisnow’ series, this time (sub)tracting elements from his ‘Ileus’ EP on Parisian label Lowless. This hour long, haunting and sensitive electro-acoustic study draws us deep into subterranean catacombs and far-out systems. Fascinating and creepy in equal measure, it’s a captivating piece of work from a dedicated disciple of sound.

Fume - ‘Closer’ (Eklero)

Expansive and heart-wrenching contemporary ambient work from Fume, an underground artist whose work can also be found on Lithuanian Suru Records. Gently modulating and swaying over three triumphant sections, the EP was ‘’written mainly on analog machines and custom built pure data sequencers… sonically raw and unpolished’’ - but that’s what we love about it.

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