March 30,2021
Formaviva March Selection 2021

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Track of the Month

Ben Bork & Inskape - Cyclic Redundancy [Aedi Records]

Founded by Hypnus Records creator Michel Iseneld aka Ntogn, sharing love, light and knowledge amongst a growing community of followers and collaborators, Aedi Records is a democratically-run group project of 250 members where everyone’s vote counts. The brand-new first release is packed with stunning first-time collaborations by 14 artists. Layering shimmering ambience and melodic streams of colour over a rock-steady percussion barrage, it’s just one of the multiple treasures to be found on Aedi’s inaugural release. Democracy works, even in Techno.

March Selection

Jiska Huizing & Rudi Valdersnes - Ballad (rRoymore Remix) [Ideophone]

After a reduced and teasing intro, rRoxymore’s idiosyncratic IDM-electro rework snaps into UK Bass aligned, broken house beats, complete with wacky vocal manipulations and sprinklings of micro-melody. Another wonderfully out-there release from the Ideophone camp, refusing to be pinned down to one genre.

YYS - Debris [Subsist]

The opening track on a heavy-hitting new industrial escapade, ‘Through the Tunnel Vol.1’, YYS channels a half-time future stepper straight from the glowing hearth of Subsist's subterranean furnace. Dub-wise, super-stereo and absoulutely killer!

Alfred Czital - Arroyo [Oslated]

A stand-out cut from the beautifully curated new Various Artists compilation on Oslon's Oslated label. Prague’s Alfred Czital, who runs the excellent Harmony Rec. imprint, goes full-on stealth mode in this churning late night tool for the dancefloor, heavy on details and yummy bass-end bounce.

Launaea - Aeri (Vanoni Remix) [From A Lost Place]

A slinky, nine-minute divination of Launaea's original, indebted to Dub Techno’s experimental side (think Monolake, Dozzy and co), and satellite strains of high-end minimal house. Look out for more excellent work from Argentinan producer Vanoni on South American outfit Danza Nativa.

Coss & Ki Dake - Sarani [Mimoton]

Bouncy and understated, ‘purist’ minimal will always have a special place in our hearts. The info sheet for this dainty release on Mimoton simply reads, “like a kiss on your neck sending shivers down your spine.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves…

RE-Connect - Twisted Mind [Collective Details]

Another on-point transmission from the Collective Details label, the brainchild of A Thousand Details via his poppin’ Discord server, enabling up-and-coming Techno artists a platform to be heard. ‘Broken Tools’ explores the negative space within pummeling kicks and textural synth work. The bar is set high and RE-Connect cleared it in style with this electrifying future-classic.

Laima Adelaide - 060 [Virescence Records]

A frequent fixture on our radar at Formaviva, Stuttgart based Laima Adelaide's new EP continues her research into carefully-tuned and subtle minimalism. ‘060’ is a breezy ascent through verdant mountain forests, irrigated by hydro-electronics, its root system resonates to gently undulating melodic synth themes.

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