January 27,2021
Formaviva January Selection 2021

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Track of the Month

Michał Wolski - Eclipse [Southern Lights]

Here at Formaviva, we are big fans of ‘specialist’ tracks. Tracks that the DJ can only deploy once they have gained the crowd’s trust, allowing them to take chances, opening up collective telepathic channels, to reach a higher level of connection. Polish producer Michal Wolski makes exactly this kind of tracks, and ‘Eclipse’ is no exception! Props to the Australian Southern Lights camp for recognising the value of these hard-to-create, mind-expanding moments.

January Selection

Joachim Spieth - Forma [Affin]

A mini-supernova of precious mineral deposits by one of electronic music’s hardest-working producers and label owners, Joachim Spieth. The aptly titled ‘Forma’ could be the soundtrack to the creation of new internet-based galaxies. An ambient electronic microcosm for all that is pure and sacred right now, on this world and beyond.

Cory James - Avila (Ruhig Remix) [Monday Off ]

A ghostly outing into stepping, bass-heavy atmospherics from the busy Berlin-based Italian producer Ruhig, this time re-working an excellent tripping original cut by New York’s Cory James. The Monday Off label is a life-giving new addition to the platform, run by vinyl activist Mary Yuzovskaya.

Voorman - Discouraging Secrets [Collective Details]

Collective Details is the product of a community set up by techno artist A Thousand Details on his Discord server. Like-minded artists, producers, designers and enthusiasts all work together to build a group label that supports their creations. This excellently crafty, up-tempo cut of shifting minimalism would be right at home in a peak-time DVS1 set.

Seiichiro Itoyama - Substrata [Unknown Timeline]

High-pressure self-generating neural-networking. Seiichiro Itoyama is a promising new artist whose debut for Unknown Timeline already puts him on the map as a startling talent. Gorgeously smeared, degraded and bit-crushed elements are forced back in time via first-gen fibre-optic cabling and 90s server technology before being re-uploaded into the present day.

Laima Adelaide - Submerged [Annulled Music]

Part of a beautiful album of chemical techno, dub and experimental compositions by Stuttgart based Laima Adeliade, ‘Submerged’ is a wonderfully sparse dub-wise cut. Carving out a warm basement echo space from within its restrained and timeless arrangement, it’s a welcome reminder of the power of well-selected, gracefully-layered elements in the mix.

Chris Lucsan - Aechmea [Virescence Records]

A modern take on the classic sweeping, spectral acid blueprint of Teste’s ‘The Wipe’. Culminating in a bubbling moment of Acidised Trance executed to perfection, this impressive and super-widescreeen production had us all yearning for an open-air rave this month.

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