The first release of Collective Details, a new label project by A Thousand Details focusing only on the work of the people who hang on ATD Discord Server and Twitch Stream. Based upon monthly challenges for the Discord Members, the ideology behind the project is to boost creativity, collaboration, share knowledge and offer chances and launch new artists (but not only) on to the world so people know their work. Plus the most important thing is that all these releases are made and tailored by the discord community user. From Mastering, Artwork, Management, Promo and of course the Music.

The firsts installments are 2 split VA with all the participants on the challenge: to do an original track with samples that were made while A Thousand Details was streaming on Twitch the new Mutable Instruments Blades filter back in December. The results couldn't be more amazing with a variety of styles and absolute commitment and passion to this project. Sometimes a chance is all it's needed to elevate one's creativity and will to finish projects and succeed in the music world. Everyone is welcome to participate as long as you are willing to join our discord and hang around.

Mastering done by Josh Morrisby | Artwork done by Djinnsynth

Logo by Roby M Rage





Released by 31 January 2021
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New Beginnings (Part II)

by Voorman, Unknown Artist, slono, Narrow Peak, Evarg

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