March 29,2021
Formaviva February Selection

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Track of the Month

Enkō - Niiro [Warok]

Enkō drops an unmissable lesson in jubilant, ballistic broken-beat tribalism. As fresh as a crisp March morning on the shores of the Atlantic, the Lisbon native offers a superb new take on dancefloor hypnotism for 2021 and beyond on this latest release from the tireless Tunisian label Warok.

February Selection

Artjom Schmidt - Immortal [Fur:ther Sessions]

On the debut EP from Fur:ther Sessions newly formed label, co-founder Artjom Schmidt weaves a rousing and otherworldly narrative, his tracks opening and closing the EP. His epitaph is ‘Immortal’, a trance-inducing curiosity that lays down a bouncing groove evocative of the best 2000s-era Progressive House, while a cloud of crystal-clear modern sound design and colourful melodic washes floats in the upper atmosphere.

Hod - Signs of my Ancestors [Secuencias Temporales]

Deepest dub and slo-mo time travel by budding Columbian producer Hod, appearing for the first time on the prolific Secuencias Temporales' imprint, known for exploring the deeper and more strung-out (after hours) end of the sound-design techno landscape.

Labyrinthine - Niche [Cresent London]

Pulsating minimalism out of the UK capital, by one of Crescent London's key protagonists. Resonant shards of metallic synths, reverb sprays and kinetic, snaking percussion carve out a gorgeously-abstract cave of electronic wonders.

Marco Bruno - Awareness [Evighet Records]

Blinding, up-tempo, stepping techno from the Evighet Records owner, whose storming techno has featured on Ben Sims’ labels like Symbolism and Machine. Perfectly loaded with emotional content, bubbling acid lines and stomping broken beats in the Berlin tradition, it’s reason enough to invest in his limited vinyl-only LP which also features a remix from Answer Code Request, and a glorious Italo-techno collab with Velvet May.

Sanjib - Canyon Of Lonely Mens [Huinali Recordings]

A highlight from Sanjib's full-length excursion into tribal, ritualist dub, perhaps taking inspiration from the Future Sound Of London / Two Lone Swordsmen era of electronic riddim tracks laden with crisp washes of VHS samples, field recordings, and sparkling synthesis. ‘Canyon Of Lonely Mens’ (sic) ebbs and flows like a digital stream carving a gentle yet irrevocable path through an ancient forest.

Translate - Linear Pattern (Jeroen Search Rmx 2) [Prophet Recordings]

Legendary Dutch master of minimalism Jeroen Search steps up with a bleep-centric, perfect DJ tool remix for Prophet Recordings. Gliding background ambience and dynamic washes of tension transport us to an inter-planetary belt of sci-fi sonics, its classic 909 pulse driving the energy forwards in an ever-expanding arc.

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