Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and based in Barcelona, Pablo Garber has developed a deep passion and connection for sound and its uses in music from an early age, initially influenced by the music he listened to through contact with his older siblings, later by playing different acoustic instruments until finally falling into the realm of sound shifting, sound synthesis and its development into soundscape design.

In a constant search for deeper sounds, he finds himself now to develop his own sonic landscapes under the name of Garber, a project where he intends to capture and try to discover unknown frequencies, always with a strong inclination towards deep and hypnotic textures, highly mental broken rhythms, organic atmospheres and psychedelia.

Oniric States is a progressive journey through different soundscapes experienced while falling into the realm of dreams through expansive textures, endless echoes, broken rhythms, enveloping atmospheres and deep, organic and psychedelic elements as guidelines.

Oniric States

by Garber

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