From the beginning he envisioned this album as a single waveline drone line going through different phases and stages.

After creating it he divided it into three statistics.

The opening theme "Stat One" represents the main impression of this EP with a strong arrangement and the lower extremities giving off very intense psychic vibrations.

The next track "Stat Two" focuses on an unconventional and deep ambient touch with different textures, edits and modulations.

And at the end of this speech "Stat Three" a true soul-way of Giuseppe, a very special track.

It is a slow tempo tale with a light space piano composition and a minimalistic natural atmosphere, all part of the same context that evolves statistically.

As an important part of this story, XVIII shows us a reinterpretation of "Stat Three" that represents something completely different due to its distinctive approach and special sound designs.

Released by 29 September 2020
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by XVlll, Joey_M

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