« Atsume - あつめ » means « forms of collection » , each title of the album refers to a form

that could represent an accumulation, based on the typology in the book « Form in Japan » by

Yuichiro Kojiro. This album is our opening, the fondation of our collaboration in which we seek the

emergence, for the listener, of a mind of one’s own. To do so, we suggest that one shall explore

soundscapes associated to electronic and exotic lands, to be propelled into a space where

shamanic territories merge with artificial and sonic landscape. A virtual exploration to open fractal sensations

« Aucuba Replica », symbolizes for us the duplication of the natural elements. The

botanical genus Aucuba includes a few species of shrubs native to Central Asia or Japan. Starting

from the premise that plants can be multiplied and reborn almost identically, even if each

individual remains unique. This idea of multiplication and artificial landscape generates our sound

atmosphere. We have creating a sound replica emanate from our individual practice, by collecting

sounds that can combine organic and artificial elements, bringing out the possibility to perceive

landscape as an audible geography.


Released by 02 October 2020

Atsume あつめ

by Aucuba Replica

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