VytisVA & La'Shaour are joining their musical fronts again to create a musical exploration which focusses on Lithuanian folklore. This time the guys are presenting three tracks plus remix from S Gytis with focus on modern electronic music merged with Lithuanian magic verbal charms.

The inspiration for the release came from various Lithuanian charms like incantations, prayers to the old gods, and other magic rituals. Therefore they came up with the name Incantations for their EP, which is going to be available in vinyl and digital formats.

Incantations are unique Lithuanian folklore texts and represent a closed tradition. By using these charms, you can expect to change physical and spiritual realms. The existence of these charms assumes that the words contain an exceptional spiritual power, which can influence people, mythical beings, objects and natural phenomena.

Produced by Vytis Vadoklis & La'Shaour

Mixdown by Mantas Jankauskas BAD Studios

Mastered by Andrius Laucevičius MAMA Studios

Photography by Rūta Akelytė

Art Direction by Raminta Kšivickaitė (Rami)

Graphic design by Roberta Grigaliūnaitė

Released by RAMU Records from London, UK / Vilnius, Lithuania

Release Date: Januar 15th. 2021

Format - Vinyl and Digital

Released by 15 January 2021
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by La'Shaour, VytisVA

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Includes digital download.
As Ramu Records crew, we believe in a sustainable future of vinyl record production. Therefore we are proud to say that for Incantations EP, we are using a factory which takes responsibility in lowering pollution rates and decreasing waste while working with sustainable technology.
Digital album