Liberated from his dungeon, he found, lost in strange scrolls, the knowledge to capture his surroundings in hypnotizing but not soporific stories.

He just wanted to create a certain vacuum in which all this doesn't matter.

It was difficult for him to see how they desperately tried to remember what the hustle and bustle, the speed of modern life, the laziness took away from them.

He was frowned upon, pursued and despised.

What a common misconception.

Tracks made by VANTA

Artwork by mb

Mastered by mb

Released by 08 January 2020


Proselytizing is making itself the task to show you the irresistible dire to join the tribe. By demanding the impossible, combined with the rhythmical most necessary, you won´t stand a chance bein...

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Common Misconception


VANTA - Common Misconception I
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