Prophet is proud to present Ritual Act IV, a series of various artists who collaborated from different places of the world, united by the same vibes feeling. Ritual Act IV includes 16 tracks of different artists with some influences of Detroit, Dub, and Sci-fi: Alex Dolby, Berkel, Booz, Boyd Shidt, Falling Echoes, Flaws, Giri, Hd Substance, Jaime Gonzalbo, Jeroen Search Joaquin Ruiz, Jrd, Mario Berger, Oblivian, Rebelliøn, Vladw.


Artists: Alex Dolby, Berkel, Booz, Boyd Shidt, Falling Echoes, Flaws, Giri, Hd Substance, Jaime Gonzalbo, Jeroen Search Joaquin Ruiz, Jrd, Mario Berger, Oblivian, Rebelliøn, Vladw.

Title: The Cosmic Time Lp

Cat No: PRPH022

Release date: 13.01.2023 Bandcamp / 27.01.2023 Worldwide

Format: Digital

Mastering: Yari Greco, except Jeroen Search track mastered by Dave Brody

Artwork: Katamori mixing Hokusai

1 - Alex Dolby - Third Spectrum

2 - Berkel - Get Lost

3 - Booz - Pantone

4 - Boyd Schidt - Gepard Speed

5 - Falling Echoes - Neutral

6 - FLAWS - The Truth

7 - Giri - Liuk

8 - HD Substance - Second Lift to Nowhere

9 - J. Gonzalbo - Willpower

10 - Jereon Search - Nemesis

11 - Joaquin Ruiz - Abstrack

12 - JRD - Buoyancy

13 - Mario Berger - Outward

14 - Oblivian - Logic Theory

15 - Rebelliøn - Architectural

16 - Vladw - Rykow


Feedbacks Selection:

Dave Clarke

"Will support"

Ben Sims

"Def a couple of jams for me, js cut my fave, thx"


"Solid tunes thanks"

Marcel Dettmann


Jeroen Search

"cool package"

Jonas Kopp

"Thanks for the music, support it"


"HD Substance is a genius. Everyone knows that."


"Very interesting V/A. Feeling Alex Dolby, Falling Echoes, Giri, Jeroen Search and Mario Berger tracks on first listenings. Support."

Kr!z [Token]

"thanks, i like the giri, jeroen & jrd tracks!"

Annie Hall


Alexander Kowalski

A lot of highlights here! Really strong compilation.



Ángel Molina

"Varied and useful compilation, Berkel, Boyd Schidt, HD Substance, Jeroen Search and Rebelliøn tracks are great. Thanks."

Border One

"Thanks! Will play FLAWS, Jeroen Search, Joaquin Ruiz, JRD"

Dimi Angélis

"HD Substance, JRD and Architectural are my picks! HD Sub is my fav"

Denise Rabe

"Boooooz love your bleep"

Electric Indigo

"super useful compilation, many thanks and happy new year"

Casual Treatment

"Giri, Vladw, Joaquin Ruiz & Jeroen Search for me"

Arnaud Le Texier

"Cool VA"


"hd substance & vladw are my favs"

A Thousand Details

"Nice one gang! Thanks a lot"


"Full support, will play these out. Best, Echoplex aka Post Scriptum"




"Lovely stuff here"


“Pantone, Liuk and Nemesis for me“

HD Substance

"Nice to be here"


"Really good stuff, loving Liuk and Nemesis."


"Superb Various Artist"

Nima Khak

"feeling this, thanks"


"Alex Dolby track is my fav here."

Samuli Kemppi

"Third Spectrum, The Truth and Nemesis my top picks. Will play. Thank you"

Arnaud Le Texier

"Cool VA. Thx"

Rene Wise

"some good sutff in here!thanks"

Remy Unger

"Nice stuff, thanks"

Paula Cazenave

"Nice compilation. My favs are Booz, Boyd Schidt, Jeroen Search and Mario Berger tracks. Will play sure. Thanks."


"Great collection, hard to pick one, i would say Pantone, Neutral, Liuk, Second Lift To Nowhere, Buoyancy Stripped and Outward... Full Support"

Vinicius Honorio

"Dancefloor hurters"

Oliver Ho

"fantastic array of music"

Filip Xavi

"massive bundle here"

Paula Koski

"Christmas came early this year! Great V/A"

Marco Bailey

"many thanks

Cari Lekebusch

"Wicked huge package"

Markus Suckut

"FLAWS for me! Thanks"

Alex Dolby

"Nice to be part of it"

Kemmi Kamachi

"Awesome release"


"solid works"

Josh Wink

"great choices of techno on this conpilation LP. Dig."


"Berkel - Get Lost, Booz - Pantone and Rebelliøn - Architectural are my favorites!"

Alexi Delano

"Great VA! Will play some"

Ray Kajioka

"Mario Berger's "Outward" sticks out to me”

Cristian Varela

"Good! Downloading for Cristian Varela..thank you very much"

Antonio De Angelis

"Thank you"

Brian Sanhaji

"Cool, thank you"


"nice V/A this. thanks!"

Michel Lauriola


Yari Greco

"Ritual Act IV" the full release is really awesome sounds. Thank you so much"


"nice pack. thanks"


"V solid VA! Will definitely play some of these, thank you"

Released by 13 January 2023
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