Prophet is proud to present the next release with talented Rhythm Assembler and his Loop Strategy EP.

OPTO (intro)

A very strong start from Rhythm Assembler with percussive sounds, upon bright pads that leads you into the soul of the entire album.


Quick and linear groove, simply sounds are connected each other, complementary one to another. The main idea is to use the simplicity to get the essence.


Movement and introspection merging in this single track, prickly and effective sonorities, accompanied by fast and crackling rhythms.

FORGIVENESS (tool mix)

Industrial sounds and sci-fi grooves are the best union to keep people fiery. Let them dance on the sonority of this track and they will infect everyone else around them.


Artist: Rhythm Assembler

Title: Loop Strategy Ep

Cat No: PRPH024

Release date: 18.05.2023 Bandcamp / 2.06.2023 Worldwide

Format: Digital


1 - Opto Intro

2 - Loop Chain #1

3 - Loop Chain #2

4 - Forgiveness (tool mix)

Mastering: Yari Greco

Artwork: Karembeu

Released by 18 May 2023
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Loop Strategy

by Rhythm Assembler

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