Prophet is proud to present the next release with the techno master Jonas Kopp and his Momentum EP.

“The movements are reflections of transfers and changes of our own positions regard to inner visions and ideas that we temporarily affirm as true creative elements that mould and shape our reality.

The sum of the various manifested movements since the beginning of our own creation, creating the MOMENTUM reality scenario, being the main creators of the millions of frames that constitute and give structure to our field of experimentation as conscious intelligent bioenergetic beings.”

Words by Jonas Kopp.


Artist: Jonas Kopp

Title: Momentum Ep

Cat No: PRPH023

Release date: 24.03.2023 Bandcamp / 8.04.2023 worldwide

Format: Digital


1 - Circular Movement

2 - Elliptical Movement

3 - Helical Movement

4 - Parabolic Movement

5 - Rotary Movement

6 - Wave Movement

Mastering: Temudo

Artwork: Katamori


Feedback selection:

Dave Clarke

"Will support”



Ben Klock

"Always quality from Jonas! thanks"

Dustin Zahn

"cool tripped out vibes as always. Rotary and Wave are my faves"

Marcel Dettmann


Ancient Methods

"When does Jonas sleep? impressive how the quality of each release is not compromised by the high output frequency. My favorite in the field of "classic techno", due to the outstanding production. From this release, I will play "Circular Movement" and "Helical Movement"

Ben Sims

"def feeling this one, first cut my fave but last 2 are wicked too, thx!”

James Ruskin

"Wave Movement for me...Thanks!!"


"Another superb release by Jonas Kopp. Full support."

Alexander Kowalski (Damage Music / Kanzleramt)

"I really the deeper moments here. Rotary & Wave are my favorites."


"Wave Movement - lovely!"

Staffan Linzatti

"yes! awesome selection of tracks, thanks!"

Answer Code Request


Lewis Fautzi

"thank youuu"


"Big EP as usual from Jonas, thanks!"

Dimi Angelis

"Deep stuff here!"

Takaaki Itoh

"Parabolic Movement is top for me"




"Solid tracks, thank you!"


"Cool ep, will play a couple thanks!!"

Arnaud Le Texier

"Nice quality ep from Jonas. Thx"


"solid works”

Samuli Kemppi

"I've said it before, Jonas is in top form, once again. Really good release! Thank you."

Alex Bau

"Another great EP by Jonas!!!"


"amazing, as always, the best Argentinian producer!"




"Great Ep as usual from Jonas, thanks!"

Juho Kusti


Ryuji Takeuchi

"Interesting EP. Can't wait to listen to it with proper speakers."



Philippe Petit

"Elliptical Movement is nice, thanks"


"Super EP! Thank you!"


"buen trabajo ! gracias :)"

Wata Igarashi

"These are mental. Looking forward to dropping them. Thanks."

Mind Against


Stephanie Sykes

"Support, Thank you !!"


"Jackin release will play these tracks out. Full support. Best. Echoplex aka Post Scriptum"


"nice work again :)"

Magna Pia

"amazing. each track is very unique"

Abstract Division

"Nice stuff, thanks!!"

Audio Units

"Uffff, so good!"

A Thousand Details

"Nice good Jonas stuff ;) lovely release, full support!"


"Quality deep cuts, always top-notch from Prophet and Jonas!"

Paula Koski

"Great one - many thanks :)"




"Huge EP! Thanks"


"Thank you so much! Beautiful sounds for these productions"

Casual Treatment

"Always a masterclass with Jonas"

Electric Rescue

"great release from jonas kopp !!! thanks"

The Advent

"great textures on these.. nice with a raw Edge.. Gracias.."

Katran / Ontal

"Thank you!"


"Beautiful work! thanks."


"Great work Jonas! Thanks for sharing with me!"

Distant Echoes

"Welcome back Jonas!"


"Crispy and sandy Ep, very original work! Thx"


"Downloading for a better listen but like the sounds of 'helical movement', many thanks"



Mattias Fridel

"Thanks, good tracks"

Steve Parker


Axel Karakasis

"great, thanks for the music!!"


"Great EP as always. Such a trip! Thx!"

Paco Osuna

"Will try thanks ;)"

Korben Nice

"great work, great sound! congratulations!"

Marco Bailey

"many thanks!"


"Sick tracks. Circular Movement and Helical Movement are the ones for me."

Remy Unger

"Nice stuff, Rotary Movement & Helical Movement for me."

Sasha Carassi

"good vibes."

Forest People



"well-crafted pieces here! will play some of them, thanks!"


"Excellent stuff, from a great producer on a great label! Thank you! x"

Filip Xavi

"this is just pure mastery! incredible works!"

Released by 24 March 2023
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by Jonas Kopp

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