Prophet is proud to present the next release with the techno master Jonas Kopp and his Momentum EP.

“The movements are reflections of transfers and changes of our own positions regard to inner visions and ideas that we temporarily affirm as true creative elements that mould and shape our reality.

The sum of the various manifested movements since the beginning of our own creation, creating the MOMENTUM reality scenario, being the main creators of the millions of frames that constitute and give structure to our field of experimentation as conscious intelligent bioenergetic beings.”

Words by Jonas Kopp.


Artist: Jonas Kopp

Title: Momentum Ep

Cat No: PRPH023

Release date: 24.03.2023 Bandcamp / 8.04.2023 worldwide

Format: Digital


1 - Circular Movement

2 - Elliptical Movement

3 - Helical Movement

4 - Parabolic Movement

5 - Rotary Movement

6 - Wave Movement

Mastering: Temudo

Artwork: Katamori

Prophet Web:


Released by 24 March 2023
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by Jonas Kopp

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