Projekt Gestalten

Head of the queer identifying VRAAA label and a celebrated protagonist in Berlin’s nightlife, both Projekt Gestalten is the identity of Brazilian producer and DJ, Diego Garcia. Adorning their DJ sets in various forms of white wedding dresses and baroque embroidery, Projekt Gestalten’s queer desire and bold feminine spirit flaunts a unrivaled promiscuity of tongue-in-cheek tawdry that’s pushing techno music and its artistic, sexual appetites that much further. Having found pride of place as an established entity controlling soundtracks at risque nightspots and parties the world over - namely making their way through London, St. Petersburg and New York to São Paulo and Paris - Diego Garcia’s emergence from the obscure raves of Berlin and its presiding internet culture now sees the artist, with a burgeoning discography and remix catalogue for the reckoning, as an out and loud center stage presence and trailblazing queer, music identity.