Collective Thoughts Part 3: The Air of Spring

by Profundo Collective

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Collective Thoughts is a selection of tracks put together by artists from this record label. This is our way to speak as one.

Part 3

The Air of Spring


Dolt - Sayu [Muzan Edition]

Trøm Borg - Fragile [Profundo Collective]

Irammm  - Columns [Annulled Music]

Luigi Tozzi - Posidonia [Hypnus Records]

Zemög - Hiking In Chicaque (Segue Dub) [Huinali Recordings]

Zemög - Equal Vibrations (Dub Phasing) [ Huinali Recordings]

Trøm Borg - Regenerative Process [Profundo Collective]

Daniel [i] - Bathyu [ Huinali Recordings]

HOD - Circadian Rhythm [Profundo Collective, unreleased]

Daniel [i] - Bathyu (Rambadu Visions) [Huinali Recordings]

Nils Edte - Cumaru [Secuencias Temporales]

Doltz - Yohaku (Olorun's Equatorial Mix) [Oslated]

Daniel [i] - Conularii [Huinali Recordings]

Saphileaum - Kaf [Good Moring Tapes]

Doctrina Natura - Sacred Bond [Oslated]

Doctrina Natura - Projection [Oslated]

Delusional Circuits - Spiral (MTRL Remix) [IO]

Mohlao - Depth Of Field [Konstrukt]

Dycide - Qusqu [IO]

Polygonia - Bloom [Sure Thing]

Zemög - Timbiquí [Circular Limited]

*We support all artists and labels in our Collective Thoughts. Thank you for listening.

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