Collective Thought Part 4: Summer Heat

by Profundo Collective

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Collective Thoughts is a selection of tracks put together by artists from this record label. This is our way to speak as one.

Part 4

Summer Heat

Special edition for RETUR x Profundo Collective

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Birds ov Paradise - Osiris [Hypnus Records]

Martin Stürtzer - NGC 6565 [Echo Eberfeld]

Gege - Nemfrog [Secuencias Temporales]

Cbdubs - Sleepy [Insectorama]

Stef Rijs and Daan Kemp - Yves [Orez]

Hod - Devachan [Cellar Door Records]

Martyn Päsch & Octte - 2AM (Geert’s Linksvoor Remix) [Profundo Collective, unreleased]

Svarog - Riddance [Circular Limited]

Luigi Tozzi - Quetzalli [Hypnus Records]

Noah Lyas - Dwellers [Circular Limited]

Hod - Dogmatic [Circular Limited]

Noah Lyas - Going East (Doctrina Natura Interpretation) [Profundo Collective]

Miùson - Chaos [Indefinite Pitch]

Tiferet - Enthymesis (Rambadu Remodulation) [Agos]

Nils Edte - Manoari [Secuencias Temporales]

Laima Adelaide - Air [Oslated]

Noah Lyas - Under the Sun (Adhémar Interpration) [Profundo Collective]

Vâyu - Purified by Trials [Huinali Recordings]

*We support all artists and labels in our Collective Thoughts. Thank you for listening.

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