Mindful Life is the fourth full-length album by Italian composer and music therapist, Simone Gatto. It focuses entirely on the relationship between electronic music and emotional / bodily awareness, lending itself to meditative use at home or in storytelling DJ sets.

Combining reflective electronics with acoustic patterns and healing vocals, Simone invites the listener on an ethereal journey which removes the boundaries between mindfulness and electronic music, unearthing internal dialogue. The 11-track journey features intriguing collaborations with other music therapists and composers like Massimo Amato, Cristina Rosati, Angelo Molino and Flora Paär.

In the enveloping synthesized pads, specific compositional techniques (such as binaural beats and monaural, isochronic tones), the use of the voice, melodic scales played with acoustic instruments and unpredictable rhythmic arrangements, Mindful Life evokes the listener's imagination and accompanies them towards a profound emotional transformation; a greater expansion of consciousness.

This album is also an invitation to DJs and selectors to rediscover awareness of their place in history and society. Through these pieces it is possible to promote storytelling and conscious dance, a way to channel one's emotions and energies through physical expression, sonic response and free movement.

Released by 25 June 2021
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Mindful Life LP

by Simone Gatto

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