Postdynamic to welcome on the label - CVRDWELL & Love Exposure.

CVRDWELL - DJ and producer from Budapest, now based in Berlin.

His sound is obscure, analog fuelled techno, spiced up with a sense of melancholy.

Beside his own carrier, he is steering a Budapest based techno event series, ’Vault Budapest’.

CVRDWELL released his music on such labels as Observant, DNC Limited, Induxtriall Records and others.

Love Exposure - Based in Budapest and the founder of INDIVIDUUM event series, where movies and music meet in a very unique way.

He has produced several EPs before, but under different aliases.

Love Exposure is a new artist name that has the same age as his event series.

New release "Shock Corridor" this is a split of two artists.

-Visit- is the starting point of the common journey, which introduces us to the mood that will be with us throughout the release.

-Lyre- picks up this vision, but now it's a rhythmic version with a dreamy and aspiring atmosphere of insight and excitement on the way.

-Shock Corridor- changes our vector, now it is a direct corridor accompanied by shock bells.

-Synesthesia- offers us a broken path, which keeps in awe and horror.

And the final stop of our hypnotic journey is -Pokol-.

Released by 29 November 2020
Artists (2)

Shock Corridor

by Love Exposure, CVRDWELL

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