PhonoTropismi Invites Sinnertia

by Sinnertia

Sinnertia is a producer duo focusing on deep techno and experimental music.

Born in Athens, Greece, conceived in 2016. Focusing on the adaptation of analog & digital sources, then translated into the respective visual interpretation.

Sinnertia, stems from the words "Sine", "Inner" and "Inertia", depicting the progress of the movement of any of their musical pieces. Experimentation with any type of innovation in this field, forms their bigger vision.

Current works are featured in international record labels, such as 951beat, PhonoTropismi.

Uploaded by 24 May 2020


PhonoTropismi is an Italian label founded in the spring of 2019 and based in Southern Italy. The idea came from observing the PhonoTropismo phenomenon which is the reaction that a human body has to...

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