Phonotropismi Invites Sebastian Bayne

by Sebastian Bayne

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PhonoTropismi Invites Sebastian Bayne [Sydney, AU]

Sebastian Bayne is a DJ, producer and label owner based in Sydney, Australia. His music is fast gaining the support of this peers as it is developing into his unique take on techno. Charted by established DJs like Laurent Garnier, Claude Young, Deepchild, Dave Tarrida and Justin Berkovi, his music is also favoured by rising stars in the global techno scene namely 88uw, Alkan, D-Sens and Krenzlin.

IF? Records is Sebastian's most recent project, having taken it over from long time techno cohort Andrez Bergen aka Little Nobody, in 2010. IF? Records was established in Melbourne in 1995, has over 130 releases, and a roster that reads like a who's who of the underground in the last 15 years; James Ruskin, Aux 88, Ade Fenton, Si Begg, Dave Angel, Justin Berkovi, K. Alexi Shelby, Steve Stoll, BCR Boys, Justin Robertson, Thomas Heckmann, Jammin’ Unit and Pnau, just to name a few.

Previously, Sebastian was best known for the part he played in pioneering techno in Beijing learning his craft as a resident DJ in the city's most infamous clubs, throwing parties on the Great Wall and touring China. Also well established in his home town of Sydney, Sebastian has played all the best techno parties in last 10 years including Technikal, Beware the Cat, Subservice, Deep as Funk, Lost Baggage and Disconnected.


Healing Force Project - Average Perigee (Eerie Records)

Empirical Distress - Foresta del Male (PhonoTropismi)

Mod21 - Ellesmere Island (On The 5th Day)

Bastian Balders - Sphere (Southern Lights)

18 Figures - The Lonely Existence of a Glacial Erratic (Southern Lights)


A Thousand Details - Rhutax (Starwork sas)

Empirical Distress - Cane de Corsa (PhonoTropismi)

A Thousand Details - StasisMinion S (Starwork sas)

Motzler - Bilder (Chapter Records)

Moddullar - Dirty Angel (INNSIGNN)

Ranjit Nijjer - Decompression Therapy (Machine (AU))

The Alchemical Theory - Parting (PhonoTropismi)

Sebastian Bayne - Shielding Times (PhonoTropismi)

Below Surface - Sidechain Madness (Be Sure)

Shekon - Excess of Reduction (Michal Jablonski remix) (Skryptom)

Refracted - Modern Rituals (Edit Select)

Vito Lucente - Izagami (PhonoTropismi)

Sebastian Bayne - End Scenes (PhonoTropismi)

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