PhonoTropismi Invites Polygonia

by Polygonia

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Lindsey Wang, also known as Polygonia, is a versatile art and music project based in Munich, Germany. Her preceding intensive and long practice playing several instruments as well as the experiences with other art forms, inspired the artist to translate her understanding of rhythm, composition and experimentalism into the digital musical language. She creates mystic, deep and experimental soundscapes with acoustic elements in it. Together with Dycide and MTRL she founded the Ambient and DeepTechno Label IO.


Floating Machine - Abstract Memories [Aarden Records]

Biocym – Iwhasp [N F E R E E]

Polygonia – Snake Eyes [Alexandar]

dc11 – Electron [Cosmic Wave Records]

Poylgonia – Dragonfly Flountain [Alexandar]

9beats – Tembeling [Cosmic Wave Records]

Mordio – Othalan [IO]

ETAPP KYLE – Parallel [Gynoid Audio]

Associative - Radiation Shielding [Self Release]

Wa Wu We - Opens the Door [Hypnus Records]

Forest Drive West – Invisible [Delsin Records]

P4PS – Spectral [92u Records]

Mordio – Laguz [IO]

Ark Noir - Praha (Delusional Circuits Remix) [Unreleased]

P4PS – Ifa [92u Records]

Mordio - Ingwaz (Polygonia Interpretation) [IO]

Scøpe – Breath [Arcing Seas]

Birds ov Paradise – Fog [Hypnus Records]

Associative – Pulsar [Self Release]

Forest Drive West – They Live [Midgar Records]

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